IOM Membership Dues Form

In the form below, you will choose the type of membership and the number of years you wish to pay. Student memberships must also include a letter from the department certifying student status. This should be sent directly to the Treasurer ([email protected]). Once you have completed that and click the Continue button, you will be taken to another screen confirming your payment option, name, etc. A button at the bottom of that page will take you to PayPal where you can pay your dues by either a credit card or a PayPal account in US dollars only. Once the Treasurer has confirmed receipt of funds, your account will be activated (new members) or your dues date will be updated (renewing members), and you will receive an email receipt.

For a Sustaining Membership, please contact the IOM Treasurer directly. We cannot accept Sustaining Membership online payments.

Regular Membership
Retired Membership
Student Membership

NOTE: Student applications must be accompanied by written verification on departmental letterhead of student status from the Department Chair, Graduate Committee Chair, or regular IOM member.

2 year (US$ 2,000), 4 year (US$ 4,000) and six year (US$ 6,000) options. Please send check to the IOM Treasurer (Dr. Maria Pieters, University of Minnesota, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, 1365 Gortner Ave., 225 VMC, St. Paul, MN USA ([email protected]) about other payment options.

United States Organization for Mycoplasmology

Membership in the United States Organization for Mycoplasmology (USOM) is limited to those who are located in the United States of America and who are also members of the IOM. Ineligible individuals who pay USOM dues will have their payment returned. Eligible individuals who are not signing up for IOM membership or are not already IOM members in good standing will have their payment returned. Honorary United States-based IOM members are also honorary USOM members and do not have to pay USOM dues. If you have a question about your eligibility for USOM membership, please contact Mitchell Balish ([email protected]).

United States Organization for Mycoplasmology Membership